29 Nov 2011

When November ends

This weekend I was in my hometown. My boyfriend had to stay in Barcelona, so I decided to visit my parents. My dad, my brother and I went to mushroom hunting, till the sunset... it was quite successful.
These days are pretty chilly, so I can wear my "nordic style" jumper!!!

Yesterday evening, I went to a relaxing crochet class, organised by Duduá and Fnac. Our teacher let us choose between amigurumi or granny square, so here it is my first one! *  

24 Nov 2011

Crochet: Mittens

Having a strawberries&coconut juice in la Rambla like a tourist!
Hi!! How are you? I have so much work lately, sorry about not posting very often.
I've just started to prepare some Christmas presents, I want to buy just handmade things this year.
I've realized that crochet mittens are nicer and easier than the knitted ones. May be I'm going to upload some mittens and turbans in my tiny shop soon! And tomorrow I'll upload some nice necklaces too.
Perfect as a Christmas gift! 

22 Nov 2011

Modern Grannies - Abuelitas Modernas II

Crochet XXL

Last Sunday we had a Modern Grannies session! It's amazing how creative people are! I knitted these green mittens. Finally I finished one of my knitting projects, yeah!!
I love spending my Sunday evenings with these wonderful girls, thanks Raquel for organizing the meeting! I also met Ingrid, Natàlia, Zita, Elena, Jess, Sara, Lola, Loly...and more nice girls without a blog ;)
The photos below were taken by Raquel, who is a great photographer, although there was no light, she took great photos!

15 Nov 2011

New Sewing Book

A few days ago I received this wonderful Japanese book! You can check here more Japanese books, and you can see photos than mines here. There're so many dresses, that I don't know which one to sew first!
Luckily that a Korean friend translate me some basic vocabulary!
* Sorry about the photos quality, it's so dark today... and I didn't wanted to turn on the light! 

13 Nov 2011

Another rainy day

Right now...
Shop upload!
Luckily yesterday It was a sunny day, because today is raining again, why?!
Last night it was very fun, we went to this bar to dance some greatest hits!!
Today we've had lunch with some friends and now it's a typical rainy-Sunday-afternoon: knitting, drinking tea, watching films and learning how to crochet granny squares.
Have a nice (and sunny) week!

8 Nov 2011


Thanks for all who told me in this post: knitting is addictive! Now is too late, I'm totally addicted! I have so many yarns now... I just can't stop buying them. My boyfriend is so happy... all the house full of yarn, fabrics and needles everywhere.
Yesterday I went to my first crochet class, the yellow "thing" is what I did in my beginners class!
And the last photo is a great Skunkfunk label, I really love it!

4 Nov 2011

Rainy day & Preparing things

It's been raining for a while, so this weather is perfect for staying at home and knit, sew, paint or whatever!
I'm participating in a swap run by Anna,(who has a lovely blog). I'm having a lot of fun preparing all the stuff!
* Last summer my friend Eva, present me this stamp with the "om shanti", she bought it in Nepal. Thanks a lot! After checking  Memi's blog, I have a kind of "searching stamps" addiction.
Have a wonderful weekend!

1 Nov 2011

November the first

A wonderful mirror  

Today I've been walking around Girona with my sister, I've you been following the blog for a while maybe you already know that I'm in love with this city, you can see more here and here. There was a wonderful light, perfect for taking photos. The streets were quite crowded and there were a lot of different fairs (drawing, antiquities, crafts...). Tomorrow to work again, good night!


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