29 Jan 2011

Floral Print

From Anthropologie

May be floral print is "too much" for seeing it everyday, but this chair is so cute!!
When I'll have more time, I'll try to do a similar pillow!
I'm going to enjoy the weekend!! Have fun!!

26 Jan 2011

When we were in Berlin

Berlin is my favourite European city. There're so many things to do!! If you are a bargain hunter or a vintage lover, your place is Berlin. It's great to spend a sunny day bustling in the flea markets!

There're so many interesting suburbs, and it's so big that I was really shocked! There's art everywhere, well...in resume it's an amazing city!!! I want to go back there as soon as I can!

24 Jan 2011

Do you like Nice Things?

I'm absolutely in love with Nice Things clothes! They are so fresh and natural! I have a wedding this spring and I'm just wondering which dress I'll wear! You can check the SS11 collection here

21 Jan 2011


I don't remember where's this pic from, but I absolutely love it!! I have had it in my PC for a long time. I find it simply amazing!!
Despite the freezing weather... I wish to all of you a super energetic weekend!!! Have fun! 

20 Jan 2011

Russian Red

Lourdes Hernandez is Russian Red, she's an amazing singer!! Lourdes has a sweet and special voice, I can't stop listening to her album "I love your glasses".

 I'm very exited waiting for her new album!
I strongly recommend to listen this amazing girl!

18 Jan 2011

Let's have a complete breakfast!

When I started working I didn't care about having a good breakfast, and about 11 o'clock I felt with no energy!!! Now I've realized that is really important to start the day in a good way!
These wonderful cakes are from Hove's museum, just in front of my host family house of last summer!

* Sorry for my English, it's not my mother tongue. However I think that using English is a good way to improve and to share my blog with more people!

16 Jan 2011

I ♥ Bikes

Wherever we go on holiday we rent a bike, it's a perfect way to discover new places! 
And...I'm so lucky to go cycling to work, it's super relaxing.

14 Jan 2011

Come on Spring!! Come to visit us!!

From Kling SS10

 Fashion is always changing, we have new tendencies almost every week.          
The main point, is not to loose our own essence.

12 Jan 2011

I can't stop drinking tea!

Home Sweet Home

Portobello, Notting Hill - London
 I have a such a amount of different kinds of tea at home! My favourite it's the Indian chai! Well, in fact It's no so bad to have to work if at the break you can drink a cinnamon tea!

Alice in Wonderland

9 Jan 2011

Simple Life

                 I already miss the relax and quiet way of life of Lanzarote. Tomorrow I start working again...ohh!!   Barcelona it isn't so peaceful!


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