30 Jul 2011

Anthropologie Love

Last week we visited an Anthropologie Store in London, we were in love with everything! Sadly we can't afford to spend so much money with every single cute item! But we decided to do some DIY soon... as we were watching at the lamps or tables...we were thinking, we can do it at home! Let's see if we restore something!! You can see more here or here.

I'm back home, my boyfriend is still in London for some weeks! We will have a little more holidays together when he comes back!

28 Jul 2011

Lively Bristol

Just a few photos from Bristol! This city really surprised me!
I'm still in London! With no time for blogging or internet! Yeah! :) And very happy!! 

19 Jul 2011

On Holidays!!

I'm going to visit my boyfriend who is living abroad for a while!! I'm so excited! Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments. I love to read your blogs, and "knowing" so talented and creative people!! Thanks for be here!
An special thanks for Bolboreta complemetos for giving me one of her blogs awards!
I will be back very soon!!!

pd- This photo is from last summer in Brighton! One of my favourites cites!

17 Jul 2011

Afternoon Walk

Today I've been in my grandfather's home. It has been a nice afternoon, we've gone for a walk and we've been talking about old stories.

14 Jul 2011

Wiksten Tank Top

Today I've been to "els banys àrabs"- arabic baths or hammam with my sister, it was my birthday present! It has been wonderful!!! Is the best place of Barcelona, so relaxing!

As we were walking through la Ciutadella park, she took some photos of my Wiksten tank top. It has been a pleasure to sewing this pattern, it has some little mistakes, but they are totally my fault not Jenny's. The pattern is very clear, you can follow it easily, even if you haven't sewed anything before. I was thinking about buying or not to buying a pattern, but when I saw this one I was convinced!

12 Jul 2011

About sales...

I'm tired to see the same clothes everywhere. Maybe is that I'm getting older but I prefer to spend a bit more of money, and buy just one dress for season, that having a lot of dresses "made in China". This it doesn't mean that I want to dress differently than the other people, the point is that I prefer wearing clothes done with love and care. Maybe it's an obvious reflection, but I used to think: the more the better.  Does it happen anything similar to you?  

Cinema a Montjuïc

If you are in Barcelona, don't miss cinema a la fresca! I went to the Montjuïc castle last Friday to watch:  Some Like It Hot (Con faldas y a lo loco), I had a wonderful time! You should bring with you: a bottle of wine, a picnic, a blanket and a smile on your face!

I've done some shop upload, you can check here and here!
Have a nice week!!

9 Jul 2011

Smocking class

From smocking for Beginners

Yesterday I went to an smocking class in Duduá, we had a great and patient teacher :)
It was a nice afternoon in the street. I did the floral fabric one, it seems simple but it took 3 hours.
My project is to sew a dress for myself, but first I have to learn a little bit more. Enjoy your weekend!!

7 Jul 2011

Summer Lunch

I love this time of the year, when nobody is in a rush! I love to talk and to laugh with friends, in a such a relaxed way! My friend has a wonderful house!*

1 Jul 2011

♥ Mediterranean sea

I'm lucky that a friend of mine has a boat!! Thanks for inviting me!!! We had a really good time!
I've done a Mediterranean Treasury list in Etsy with some items that I'm in love with! Have a wonderful summer weekend!!!!


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