26 Sept 2011

During the rainy Saturday...

I almost never feel bored at home. In this city, when it rains it's a "kind of tradition" to put aside all the plans and stay home. Some friends of mine, who live in a rainy region, didn't believe me, but the truth is that when I was in university the classes were empty in a rainy day!

24 Sept 2011

Sunny Friday - Rainy Saturday


Some photos of the sunny Friday! We went to a wine tasting, we have absolutely no idea about wines, but it was fun!
This weekend Barcelona is celebrating his main festival (La Mercè), there're hundreds of concerts outdoors, but sadly today is raining.
Thanks a lot about all your lovely comments, I'm feeling much better, I'm not ill anymore! Thanks again! 

21 Sept 2011



Now I feel stupid with my "hurrah for autumn" post. I'm already sick! I have caught a cold, but I'm still going to work. So today has been a loooong day. I just wanted to come back home.

20 Sept 2011

Per molts anys mama!

Per molts anys mama!! T'estimo moltíssim! :)
* Aquesta foto és de fa dos anys de quan feiem ratafia. Muaaa*

Today is my mum's birthday, this photo is from one day that we did our own ratafia, a typical catalan liquor (more than 60 flowers&plants in it). Happy Birthday!

18 Sept 2011

Hurrah For Autumn

Soon available in my shop

I think I haven't seen the rain for more than a month! Right now is raining a little bit! :)  The temperature isn't as hot as the days before. So it's a good idea to spend this Sunday afternoon finishing my autumn collection and my Tova dress. All of this after eating a delicious veggie soup! I'm a huge fan of summer but I feel like I need some fresh air!

15 Sept 2011

Yarn Bombing

I've camouflaged my own Bristol photo because it seems a little ridiculous next to the other ones!

  Just stunning!!!
* From Pinterest  

12 Sept 2011

Beach & Mountain weekend

I went to visit the first school I've ever worked! Wonderful views! 

I was exhausted after going up&down 700 meters!
On Saturday we went to el Masnou which has a nice beach, it's very close to Barcelona, just 15 minutes from our home by motorbike! We are so lucky to still having summer weather!!
On Sunday we went on an excursion to Montserrat, 700 meters! wow!!
On Monday (today) I've started to work again, I work in a high school working as an educational psychologist! I'm really happy with my job! :)
* As you can see I have had Instagram addiction this weekend! Have a nice week *

7 Sept 2011

Knitting Afternoon

From tidytipsy photograpy
 From SandraJuto

This is the nicest "tiny nice thing" ever seen

This afternoon I'm starting a knitting course in Duduá, I'm so excited with learning to do a scarf for myself or whatever! Just a quick post because I should go to buy some nice yarn first!
*Some of my pendants have been selected in a some treasury lists: here, here and here! Thanks a lot!!
Photos from Pinterest

5 Sept 2011

End of summer SALES!!!

Sales in my Etsy shop!! yeah!! As I'm preparing an autumn collection right now I'm going to do an "end of summer sales".
If you'd like to purchase any item you can use a coupon code, which is: SUMMERSALES!! I will apply 20% off. Thanks!!!
From today - till the end of the summer (23 September)

4 Sept 2011

Homemade blackberry jam

For first time my parents have done blackberry jam, with my tiny help (I've just picked some blackberries). It turned to be my favourite jam without any doubt! In my opinion, the best way to eat the blackberry jam is with this wonderful cheese, made with buffalo milk! Just delicious!!
 So now in Barcelona I can keep eating "blackberries" for a long time. Is great to have jams&preserves of summer fruits all the year long!*

2 Sept 2011

New top

Long long time ago... I started to sew this top without pattern and without thinking too much! Mental note: never again sew without pattern. I started it on May... and I felt very tired of the floral print and of fixing it a lot of times (consequence of no pattern). At the end, last week I ended it, now I like again the floral print and I'm very happy with the result!
The bracelets were a present for my birthday and I wear them nearly everyday! Thanks Eva! :)

* Sorry about not answering some of your comments, these days I'm not having my own computer. I forgot the battery charger in my hometown.
Enjoy the weekend!!


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