28 Dec 2010

Home sweet home

When it's Christmas, everybody comes back home! I'm glad to have so many wonderful landscapes in the surroundings of my parents house!
When I was younger I didn't realize that I was living in a such a nice place. But now that I'm living in Barcelona, I can feel that I'm really lucky to have been born in l'Empordà!

These photos are from my favourite place over the word, this is the Empúries hotel.

20 Dec 2010

Japanese Surprises

Japanese stuff! It's so cute to have a nice surprise in your cup of tea.
It reminds me when I was a child. In my house we had different kind of dessert dishes, my sister and me, we used to eat really fast just to see what drawing was hidden in our dish!

19 Dec 2010

Cold in the city


It's known that Barcelona it's a warm city, but not right now. It's freezing outdoors...

So, I was sitting in my cosy sofa and I thought, maybe it's a good idea to start a blog!

So here we are! 

Enjoy the winter! 


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