31 Oct 2011

Autumn Walk

Walking around my boyfriend's home-place. Ocher, orange, yellow, brown... I love the colours of Vic, it has so many wonderful buildings. And today my mum has cook a wonderful pumpkin cake. Mmmm delicious!
Have a nice "castanyada" or Halloween! 

27 Oct 2011

Knitted Turban

Improvised turban. Two ways of wearing it. Super ears warmer :) I wanted to knit a wrist warmers, but I changed my mind and it turned to be a turban.

                                          Apparently the knitted turban was popular in the 1962!

26 Oct 2011


Cadaquès is blue and white, calm and windy, quiet in winter and crowded in summer. It's just beautiful.

21 Oct 2011

Japanese Pattern

My friend Angi borrowed me this pattern. She bought it in Japan, last summer.Thanks!!
Luckily pinterest has some treasures like this wonderful sewing (English-Japanese) translator!
I I've started to sew it, but it seems like fall is definitely arriving here. After months of wearing sandals today I'm wearing socks again.
On Raquel's blog, you can see more photos form last Sunday in the park.
And now you can find TinyNiceThings in this nice shop (el Born- Barcelona).
Enjoy this weekend!!

18 Oct 2011

Sunday in the park

Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday afternoon: some of us knitting, some embroidering, but all of us enjoying  these delicious cakes&muffins. And I met very talented and nice girls or I should say "abuelitas modernas" :)
Have a nice week!  

14 Oct 2011

Home & Friends

Made by Angi, delicious!!!!
Playing time
I love to have guests at home: chatting, eating, playing, laughing...

I'm so happy that you have liked the autumn collection! You are really sweet!
Have a wonderful weekend!

11 Oct 2011

Autumn Collection

At the end.... here it is my autumn collection!!! I hope you like them!!

* I will upload some more pendants in a few weeks, not like a collection, just when I finish them!
And again, thanks a lot about all your lovely comments about my Tova dress!! :)


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