29 Apr 2011

Girona m'enamora - In love with Girona

My sister and me!
I love to read Lonely Planet world guides 

Sant Jordi day was really nice&crowded in Girona. The smell of rouses was everywhere, all the girls have one in their hands. And in every corner there where mountains of books!
This afternoon I'm going to bring my first necklaces to my friend's shop, and tomorrow I will go to my cousin's wedding, I hope a sunny day because my dress is of summer 100%. Have a nice weekend!!

My boyfriend, me, my friends...Camper lovers!

25 Apr 2011

Easter with friends&family

Discovering new restaurants
Thanks Agnès for borrowing me your flower press! It's going to be very useful! 

                       *Cooking with my parents: Brunyols. It took several hours, but the result was delicious!

*New Projects

And for ending this holiday week, I've been designing more necklaces, I'm going to sell some of them in a friend's shop! Now I'm going to design the labels. I hope you like them, I'll show you soon!

                          **** Looking at the post again: what a crazy post I've made, I need to focus****

22 Apr 2011

My hometown

I'm on holiday for a week in my parents house, when I was a teenager I wanted to live in a big city, because I  felt quite bored here. Now I think that my hometown is so nice that I love being here for a while! The mountain&beach are really close to my house! Have a good Easter!
And if your are in Catalunya have a wonderful Sant Jordi!

19 Apr 2011


We have so much mint, I love the colour!
I'm soooo excited because I've done my first sales!! Well in fact, the buyers are friends of mine, but I'm so happy that they like them! Now I have energy for doing more and more, and for opening in a future and Etsy shop.
Thanks again for all the lovely comments&followers, I never thought of that!

I'm like a teenager, but this is iphone's fault I can't stop taking photos&photos...

17 Apr 2011

Fira de la Terra


If you are in Barcelona... you still on time to go to "la Fira de la Terra al parc de la Ciutadella".  It is a great market to celebrate Earth Day. There are super beautiful handmade things, I love specially all the spring dresses. I wanted to buy everything, but I thought that I can do it by myself... even that I never find the moment for doing all these nice clothes!! 

14 Apr 2011

I ♥ LemeLeme

Caj Chai tea shop

Wowww!! LemeLeme app for iphone is so great!!  A simple photo, it looks just like perfect! The bad thing is that I don't have an iphone, so I have to stole it from my boyfriend! Maybe better, because if not I would be taking photos as a crazy person all day long!
*The photos are from this evening in the centre of Barcelona.

12 Apr 2011

DIY Felt ideas

Great things to do with felt!  Jenny's hearts headband is simply lovely, at the same time you can use it to decorate the house or as a gift in a party. She's a really good designer, her blog has me in love! So here we have an easy&cool DIY

9 Apr 2011

DIY Gardening

I'm so in love with Design Sponge, they have a great collection of DIY, you can see there so much ideas! I could put this markers for my garden, but I already know what tomatoes, peppers or aubergines are... but is a great idea to do it with little children at school! So many kids don't know how plants are, they are so used to see the vegetables just in the supermarket!!
You can see all the process here! Have a warm&sunny weekend!

6 Apr 2011

Busy Spring!

A present for a friend!

First, thanks to all of you for your comments!!! :) Till June I'm going to be really busy, lucky I always can do some cameos for relaxing! Or going outdoors to see the flowers and the strawberries growing!
I think that in June I'm going to open an Etsy shop!
Have a nice week!!


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