30 Mar 2011


Hi, today I want to show the work a of a graphic designer, who lives in Granada. She makes really cute handmade accessories, with her own hand drawings. ! I don't know what to buy because I'm in love with everything!! Almost everyday I check her web. She works in a very delicate way!
Thanks for all the comments about etsy&others!!!

29 Mar 2011

Picking flowers for future cameos

My home town 
This weekend I've been to my parents house, my mum and I we went to pick flowers to the mountain (it's only 5 minutes walking from their home). It was so beautiful! Right now there're so many colours!
I'm thinking of starting to sell the cameos online, not now, but maybe in a future... what do you think? Anyone has shop on Etsy? Do you recommend it? Thanks again for you comments!! 

In school we used to eat a part of this blue flower! Crazy children! 

25 Mar 2011

DIY Skirt


At the end... the skirt that I've been sewing!! I'm glad I designed a skirt that I can really wear everyday, it's not perfect but is ok for me!
Last summer I sewed a dress which seemed like an apron, very disappointing... little by little I'm learning how to improve.
The fabric is from IKEA, and it was really cheap, I think it was 1'9 E / meter.
Have a nice weekend!! *

21 Mar 2011

Great weekend!!


It's so great for me, that my friends want to have lunch and have fun in the midday sun! Not only going out at night. Because I have to study a lot, and having lunch isn't incompatible with studying!
In the next post I'll show the skirt that I've been sewing! Have a wonderful week!!!

19 Mar 2011

Missing last holidays

I feel like taking a plane right now!! I want to go to Lanzarote every year, is the best island I've never been!
Have you seen the colour of the sand?  Have a nice weekend!!

16 Mar 2011


 Ohh I've just discovered lomolomo, have you ever heard about that? Is great for taking vintage photos!

I've just made this necklace: Collage of leaves&flowers

Thanks for all your comments!! 

14 Mar 2011

My first Cameo (Camafeo)

I'm really happy with the result! 

The process down here:
Pick the flowers (from the garden or from the mountain)

After three weeks in a huge encyclopedia

Choose one
Cut the paper, add the flower and sprinkle with diamond glaze or similar!

12 Mar 2011

My heart is in Japan

 Home Sweets Couturier - Japanese Handmade


Kyuuto, series of books

Some books from Japanese crafts, for this sad day. Nature is so strong and humans so weak.
Right now my friend Saki has arrived home, more than 24h after the earthquake. She has been a year in Europe, just a week ago she came back to her country. 

10 Mar 2011

Here they are!

Oh Honey! ;)
I've just received my first purchase in Etsy, it has been really fast! I've bought some easter rabbits, reindeers, horses...  Now I can start making necklaces!

And have a look at this wonderful plum and apricot tree from my parents house! I love this season!! 

8 Mar 2011

Happy women's day!

 Make everyday Women's Day. Do your bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.

4 Mar 2011


I love the shadow lavender. 
Old factory of my neighbourhood, new apartments now. 

Spring fruits!!

 I was trying to start to sewing a skirt, using an Ikea fabric that I've had for months.
 When I was starting it, it began to blow smoke from my swing machine, it's definitely broken. 
  So I'll have to finish it by hand... I'll show you when I finish it!
Have a great weekend!!
Great tiramisú with my girl friends!

1 Mar 2011


Cherries are Coming!
New bracelet for the spring!


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