27 Jun 2011


These photos were taken during an interval of 20 minutes. Nature is wonderful, I love all the colourful skies!
View from my parents house, last Saturday.

26 Jun 2011

Shop OPEN! :)))

At the end my shop is open!! You can check here!!! Tiny Nice Things Shop
While I was listing the items, I've received my first order from NYC! I can't belive it!!
 I hope you like it!!*

Listing my Etsy shop!

What a sunny and hot Sunday!!
 I'm listing right now my Etsy shop! This afternoon I'm going to link it with my blog! I didn't realize that it needs quite a lot of time: photos, descriptions, policies... so I'm going to continue after "swimming" a little bit, in our tiny-kids-swimming pool!  Enjoy your Sunday!!

23 Jun 2011

Sant Joan!!


Yeah I'm going home!!! Tonight is Sant Joan, so we celebrate the summer solstice! These photos are from last year. Tonight we are going to this beach reagee party again! Last year we saw the sunrise!
What are your plans? Enjoy the weekend!!

21 Jun 2011

Time for me!!

I couldn't remember how great it was to ride my bike and going to explore the city!! I love it! But I've realized that I'm not in shape at all! So I'm going to go cycling more often and I'm going to swim in the sea too!

If I had more money the first "rich stuff" I'd do daily, it would be: having breakfast in a bar terrace!

Sometimes I have the feeling that my English is worst and worst everyday... but I keep writing in English, if someday you feel like: what is this girl trying to say?? You can ask or correct me freely! 

20 Jun 2011

Shop online very soon!!

Have a wonderful week!!! My week it's going to be very different than the weeks before: no studying, creating, hanging out with friends, and my boyfriend has gone to live to London for two months...
wind of change!

18 Jun 2011

Hammok wait for me

Our first tomato and courgette of the year!
Finally I've done the big part of my exam!!! yeah!! After a year of studying and studying! Besides my point of view I've done a good exam, but the problem is that is not a normal exam, it's a kind of competition and only the best ones past it. Anyway I've done it and now I'm almost free!!!!
 I'm crazy to sewing and doing craft courses!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

I've just started to do special things like eating a paella in front of the sea! I haven't been outdoors without feeling bad for months! Have a wonderful weekend!!!*

11 Jun 2011

I'm off for a week

From: here
My way of studying is not so cool...I  just like it! From: here
Thanks a lot for all the birthday greetings!!!!! :) Your're so nice!!
This week I won't post anything, because I MUST study and do a lot and a lot of work! I will be back soon, and at the end of June I'm going to open my own Etsy shop! I'm so excited about the shop opening!!
Soon I will answer all of you! So have a nice weekend&week!

9 Jun 2011

My Birthday!

My hometown's mountains from the sea! 

Today I'm turning 28th!! Time goes by so fast, I can remember as if it was yesterday my 18th beach party! It was the best surprise party ever. Anyway, I'm very happy to have so nice people around me! Is great to celebrate your birthday with the people who I love. Despite I miss my family, they are in my hometown and I'm in Barcelona!

This is one of my favourites dresses, it was my boyfriend's present last year, it's made by a local designer (but as there's no label or tag, I don't remember the name...). I have my own tradition of wearing a dress on my birthday ;) 

6 Jun 2011

New Facebook

I've add a facebook box in my blog! I've made this decision, because quite a lot of people (not you who are reading this post) never read blogs. So I've thought that is also an easy way to follow/or whatever me! So if you feel like doing "click" in "I like", I would be very grateful!
Have a wonderful week!!!

5 Jun 2011

Summer Ideas

From: www.bippityboppityboo.com
Printerest:bright ideas
From: http://distantbloggers.tumblr.com 
For the summer nights! From: here
Summer is almost here, holidays, friends, no work, no hurries, eating outside, going to the beach... the very best season!! Have you ever tried the watermelon mojito? Me neither, but the strawberries one is delicious!

2 Jun 2011


This was my boyfriend's granny lovely sewing box. 
Lately I spent a lot of hours in the library and I've changed my tea for a coffee, just for a little while...

Today I've cut the tank top pattern and I can't stop thinking that I was crazy to sewing without any pattern before!! In fact, for this reason you haven't seen yet a shirt that I was sewing... I have to fix quite a lot of "details" now! 


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