7 Sep 2011

Knitting Afternoon

From tidytipsy photograpy
 From SandraJuto

This is the nicest "tiny nice thing" ever seen

This afternoon I'm starting a knitting course in Duduá, I'm so excited with learning to do a scarf for myself or whatever! Just a quick post because I should go to buy some nice yarn first!
*Some of my pendants have been selected in a some treasury lists: here, here and here! Thanks a lot!!
Photos from Pinterest


  1. qué suerte tienes! qué vaya muy bien!

  2. qué guay! Me encantaría aprender a hacer punto, viendo esas fotos me ha entrado el gusanillo!

  3. I wish wish wish wish wish I could knit! Hope you have a lot of fun!

  4. Love those wrist warmers! Just to let you know, the first picture was actually taken by me, this is the original post: http://tidytipsy.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/socks-socks-socks/
    It would be great if you could add the credit to your post, I know these pics go a bit viral on tumblr, making it really hard to find out their source ;)

  5. que bé! ja ens explicaràs :0
    Felicitats per les llistes d´Etsy :)
    Molt mono el petitó!

  6. I also took a course in Duduà (crochet in my case) and it was a boost to start to knit seriously. Congratulations for your success in Etsy!

  7. Es un vicio lo del punto..No digas que no estabas avisada, ya verás...jeje

  8. Jo amb les dues agulles no m'atreveixo :P
    Que vagi bé la classe.
    Bon cap de setmana!

  9. ... soy "tejedora-adicta", ten cuidado, la lana: ENGANCHA, creo que ya te lo han advertido, corroboro que es verdad!!!!!!! jajajaja

    un besito

  10. I love these socks, they make me want to be cold :)

    I came across your blog through Kerry's (Seventy Tree) and I'm glad I did: you're got a very lovely blog.

    I'm into jewellery and home made jam and capturing life through small little things, like you.

    You're welcome to come and visit me here:

    Have a great day!

  11. I've been knitting like crazy lately. I'm excited to see your scarf when you finish it!

  12. I love knitting! And that little baby 'parcel'...oh!



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