30 May 2011

Wiksten Tank top+dress pattern

Tank Top

I've just received in my mail, well in fact my neighbours have revived, a Wiksten pattern! This is my auto-present for my next birthday...
I'm in love with Jenny's work, her clothes are so delicate. 
Now the difficult part comes, which is: try to swing the top... I've never have done anything with patterns. All my DIY are done just with intuition, and it not always works out! So, I want to try to sew in a more "professional" way, and learn new tricks, I think this pattern is perfect for beginners because is detailed step by step! Let's see how it ends!! 
I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little to see the result, maybe weeks...  once again, thanks a lot for all your lovely comments! Have a good week!
Okada dress: This is another Wiksten dress which I'm in love with. 

29 May 2011

Late Sunday Breakfast

I love Sunday's breakfasts, slowly with no rush!! Sunny day, cinnamon tea, croissants... this is what I wanted to mean with tiny nice things, when I started the blog. Enjoy your day!

27 May 2011


I've bought some new fabrics recently!
Despite I've bought these fabrics in India three years ago...and they're still here. 

I've designed these necklaces, with dried flowers, for my friends. In fact, I'm starting slowly to sell them!
I love to design the labels and the packaging! 
As you can see, I'm discovering more iPhone apps, I can't believe that every week there's something new!
Have a nice weekend!!!!

25 May 2011


Edit: This is a PC application called Pola, is free! And you can "edit" photos that you already have! 

22 May 2011


I  suppose that the owner of the huge (and suuuper ugly) building on the right is, at least, Daft Vader
My brother 's band played in Gràcia last Friday.

Does it seems perfect??? Noooo! This is not all the truth! I've been quite a lot indoors, studying with my pyjamas and with a headband... I guess you don't want photos of my studying, so this is just the fun part!

20 May 2011


I want to finish my new t-shirt this weekend, I hope I can show to you soon. Despite yesterday I did a little disaster on it... anyway, I think I can solve it!
I'm going to go also to the Plaça Catalunya gathering.  If you have a moment look at the video of the "Spanish Revolution"  ;)

18 May 2011


I want to show you: Evangelione's Handmade. Maybe do you already know her, but when I saw it for first time, I really had a crash on her work! Her atelier is in Malaysia and as you can see she takes good care of all the details. Every single doll is made with love! You can check her shop  (she sells so quick that usually there's nothing in the shop) or her web.
What I like most of blogging is seeing how people works, with their hands, step by step...  not to see just a finished project/product, is nice to see all the process, as in Evangelione's web.

17 May 2011

Red fruits

Some red fruits from our garden, as I said here, is the best year of our garden, but it needs time... Anyway, it's always a good way the relax! Manel and I have given a new use to studing room, now it's going to be also a little atelier for me!! I couldn't be happier! I use to have the sewing machine in the kitchen table, so the improvement is obvious!

Thanks for all your lovely comments of the last post, I really appreciate you encouraging me! 

15 May 2011

Work in progress

Let's see if they look pretty at the end of the process, sometimes they loose the colour 
Continuing with the white&blue stripes addiction
Just having ideas, not definitive...
New Project: I hope I can show a new t-shirt soon!
I'm going to open the Etsy store, which I always talk about, at the end of June, I have so much work right now that I can't handle more.. and I want to do it in a relaxed moment! Now just the fun part: the creation!

14 May 2011

Girona temps de flors - Girona time of flowers

Guest: my sister Ester!
Girona "time of flowers" (the two first weeks of May), is the best moment to visit the city! Flowers are everywhere! Imaginative works, mostly of local designers, transform the city with colours, scents and beauty.

You can see more here (Lonely Planet)

13 May 2011

Tea lamp

What an amazing work from Sarah Goodwin, she designed this tea lamp for a bakeshop. She has a very nice&interesting web, you can check her work here: daisiesandpearls

At the end blogger seems to be working!!! I wanted to post yesterday, but what happens to me, is that when I want to post I have to do it at the moment, if not I want to talk about something different.
Have a wonderful weekend!

9 May 2011

New Dots Dress

Since I was a child, I'm madly in love with dots dress! When I open my closet, everything has stripes or dots... Last week I was gossiping in the centre shops but fortunately I didn't like anything, apart of this nice dress! All the shops are full of fluor colours which I don't like at all!
Feeling the summer already!


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