27 Feb 2011

Skunkfunk SS11

Skunkfunk is for sure one of my favourites brands, in fact is the favourite brand of the most of my friends too!
This colourful clothes are designed in the Basque Country, since it beginnings Skunkfunk has promoted different artistic and creative projects.
I love the geometric patterns, the mix of the colours, the materials and the shape! It suits to everybody!
You must know that there's a huge outlet in Barcelona.

25 Feb 2011

Fish Necklace

   The fish is made of stone, is from Morocco. In fact I've been keeping it for years in my jewel case, without using it.

            I'm waiting for my first etsy purchase, I asked to make cameos pieces

21 Feb 2011

A little bit more of yesterday...

Yesterday we were hanging around in "la Sagrera", there're a lot of little houses mixed with huge buildings.

20 Feb 2011

Sunday Walk

What a mess

I promise you that I'll stop changing the background!! Yesterday was a real mess!
I continue with my little creations, I'll show you soon!! Neus*

18 Feb 2011


As I told you, I've done some necklaces! I'll present them to my friends, sister, mum... there're very simple but I love them! Soon more photos!.

Yesterday I went to dinner with some friends, in fact was an "apreitivo Italiano" in the centre of Barcelona. It was great! While I was going home I saw the shadow of a horse in a hotel.


15 Feb 2011


Seen in Design Sponge
Cold and warm colours
When I have more time I'll try to do it, always making so many plans ... and at the end, I don't do anything! Right now I should be studying, not blogging 
Do you like it? 

13 Feb 2011

Like the owls

 The street of the kisses!   ->

Eating "tapas" in the best place of the city. La esquinica!

This weekend I've been outdoors at night, well in fact not at night, but at 6 it's quite dark!! So the quality of the photos isn't very good. 
I been doing some "jewellery" at home, in a few a days I'll show you!! 

10 Feb 2011


I'm starting to have a cold, I made the whole bottle of lemonade I hope to feel better in a while!! The lemons of my neighbours fall into my garden! 
Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them!! ♥ 

8 Feb 2011

Where the river becomes the sea

Last Saturday, my sister, my mother and I, wwent cycling from our village to the sea. It seemed to be April, not February, we reached 18 º C!! It was a wonderful day!

Because we don't live close, it has been quite a long time since we have done something the three together. It was really fun!

5 Feb 2011

Work with the light- Jula Mint

 In love with this great artist!! You can check her work here.

3 Feb 2011

At home

I live in an old house but renewed. It is a pleasure and a luck to design the house as you want, but obviously, you have to agree first with the masons, carpenters, painters... after a time of absolute chaos and constant calls I am very happy with the result!

In spring,I'll post pictures of my garden, not now because is a little bit sad with no flowers.

2 Feb 2011


Nice weekend, and waiting for the next one!
On Friday we went to the CCCB to see the premier of a film, after we went to have some "montaditos" for dinner... and when we were going to drink some beer, a heavy rain caught us! My shoes never gonna be the same!
On Saturday we went to Gràcia to a Mallorcan party, with traditional music, dances, fire in the squares (see the photo!)
And on Sunday to a friend's house to eat "calçots" and to celebrate my boyfriend birthday! So as you can see we have had a very gastronomical weekend!


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