29 Aug 2011

Back to the big city

My brother & me in a short film festival

I've been quite a lot of days without posting, because I wanted to enjoy my last days of holidays, without internet. Now I'm very happy to read your lovely comments!
And at the end my boyfriend is here :)  These days we've been to the beach a lot, doing nothing special, just building sand castles and swimming.
Today after a month in my hometown, I'm back to Barcelona. Every September I think: why I'm living here? But it's just the "normal" adaptation!!

21 Aug 2011

Portobello Market: old, vintage... whatever

I love this tone of blue

* About my last post my home town is called Torroella de Montgrí is here!

Some photos from my last London holidays! On a sunny Friday, after having a breakfast to this wonderful coffee, I went for a walk to Portobello Market. The truth is that I didn't buy anything... besides my point of view is quite expensive to spend 10 pounds for an old bottle. But at the same time, I loved to look at every cute item, and thought about some wonderful lady from the 50's using them.
Ohh I'm going to add a new photo, I bought this bag, all the benefits are for supporting a local cause.
Drawn by a child (age 11)

16 Aug 2011

Inspiring days in my hometown

 The truth is that I was quite used to go to foreign countries on August, but I'm re-discovering my own birth-town! Is muuuuch cheaper and really beautiful too!
This summer I'm sewing a lot, preparing my tiny autumn necklaces collection, sleeping too much, eating very well, swimming... I want summer to last forever!
And... my boyfriend is coming back on Saturday, I can't wait!!!

12 Aug 2011

Wiksten Tank top+dress

Sewing days. I've done a Wiksten blue tank top which is a present for my mum! :) And a tank dress, as it turned to be quite big for me, I use a red belt. Sometimes american sizes can be tricky or I tend to cut the pattern to big! Have a wonderful weekend!!! 

10 Aug 2011

London Favourite Coffee

First of all: today I've reached 100 followers, THANKS to each and everyone of you!!

About another topic: What it's going on in London? :(  It seemed everything so quiet just two weeks ago, I hope things calm down very soon.
Maybe it seems a bit frivolous, but I wanted to talk about my favourite coffee in London... I've been to London 5 times, and this is a "must" stop for me. The food and the tea are delicious, and I really love the furniture and the style of the coffee. So if you go to Notthing Hill you can stop to have a good breakfast in Charlie's Portobello Coffee.
Here I stop my free publicity section!
A post about the treasures of Portobello Market coming soon!

7 Aug 2011

Sewing summer days

I never have enough fabric at home
Theses days are perfect for sewing, as my boyfriend is still in London and I'm on holiday, I have quite a lot of time for myself!
Last week I went to a film festival and they give me a simple white pillow, so I did a pillow case with an Ikea house fabric. I've bought some new fabrics in this new shop from the Raval, called Costura.
Right know I'm sewing a Wiksten tank top for my mum (blue fabric one)
I've done some shop update, I hope you like the new necklaces!! Enjoy your summer days!!


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