10 Aug 2011

London Favourite Coffee

First of all: today I've reached 100 followers, THANKS to each and everyone of you!!

About another topic: What it's going on in London? :(  It seemed everything so quiet just two weeks ago, I hope things calm down very soon.
Maybe it seems a bit frivolous, but I wanted to talk about my favourite coffee in London... I've been to London 5 times, and this is a "must" stop for me. The food and the tea are delicious, and I really love the furniture and the style of the coffee. So if you go to Notthing Hill you can stop to have a good breakfast in Charlie's Portobello Coffee.
Here I stop my free publicity section!
A post about the treasures of Portobello Market coming soon!


  1. This coffee shop looks divine, you know me and coffee xx hopefully its still standing :-( Next time I go into Perth I will photo some of our best coffee shops for you xxx A

  2. Ps I forgot to say how much I like your Blog,and congrats on the 100 now 101 xxxx

  3. hola! i don't remember this particular cafe, the one that stays in my mind (and located in notting hill, which i just adore) was the one with bird in a logo. cute one and having really nice cookies :]

    ...damn! how i miss london
    (i'm crossing my fingers for londoners to overcome this madness)

  4. wow, que lindo!!!! solo con ver la entrada ya te dan ganas de quedarte.

  5. Qué sitio tan bonito,lleno de detalles,me gusta.

  6. L'última vegada que vaig estar a londres vaig esmorzar en aquesta cafeteria i em va encantar!

  7. felicitats per els 100 seguidors! Aquest café fà molt bona pinta!Ja fà 14 anys que no vaig a Londres, no ho reconeixeré pas :)

  8. Congratulations on 100 followers! Love the look of this place and will put it on my list.

    xo annie

  9. This cafe looks wonderful!
    Im really hope britain will go back to normal life soon.

  10. Preciosa cafeteria yo también soy de momento café en cafeterias antigua con una buena revista de decoración en la mano, es mi particular versión de la ceremonia del té.
    Y queria darte las gracias por pasarte por mi blog para felicitarme el embarazo. Sí pasas hoy podras ver la decoración que me monte en casa para tomar una infusión! Kipubesitos!!



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