2 Sep 2011

New top

Long long time ago... I started to sew this top without pattern and without thinking too much! Mental note: never again sew without pattern. I started it on May... and I felt very tired of the floral print and of fixing it a lot of times (consequence of no pattern). At the end, last week I ended it, now I like again the floral print and I'm very happy with the result!
The bracelets were a present for my birthday and I wear them nearly everyday! Thanks Eva! :)

* Sorry about not answering some of your comments, these days I'm not having my own computer. I forgot the battery charger in my hometown.
Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. molt maco i els braçalets també.
    Mai he cosit amb patró, pero només faig patchwork i disfresses per la meva filla...

  2. I also like your hair cut.
    Nice to meet you, I am Victoria and get here because of Trula ;)



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