13 Feb 2013

Spring sewing plans

Robe belladone made by Deer and Doe
Scout woven tee made by talented Louise
Banksia made by Anna
Darling Ranges, made by Kelly
I've just sent my final degree project :) What a relief!
So I'm free to sew as much as I feel like!

These are my spring projects!
Oh I almost forgot: I want to sew another Wiksten Tulip Skirt.
I plan to sew a tiny babies dress collection for my Etsy Shop.
Made by lovely Kristina.
Acabo de entregar mi proyecto final de carrera! :)
Por lo tanto ya puedo volver a coser, que ganas por favor!! Aquí mis planes costuriles para esta primavera!
También estoy ideando otra mini colección de ropa para bebé.


  1. moltes felicitats per lo del projecte!!!
    Ara a cosir :)

  2. Enhorabona, i quins vestits, són de somni...

  3. Bien, ara a cosir mogollon!!!
    Segur que el Demanoenmano anirà de conya, si vas diumenge ens veurem per allà.

  4. Lovely plans, can't wait to see all the stuff you make!! Glad you like my skirt :)

  5. Oh, and congrats on being free from Uni!! It's a great feeling isn't it?



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