1 Dec 2011

Winter Is Coming...

Free in Oysho shops
Shop upload
I have this sewing basket since I was six.
Hunting                                                 Cleaning                                                  Cooking
* These wonderful postcards were painted by Irene
* I've done a little shop upload, get ready for Christmas!
* These days I'm knitting and sewing some Christmas presents.
* Remember: If you are in Barcelona this weekend don't hesitate to go to "El Festivalet". You will find lots of handmade Christmas gifts, made by very talented designers!


  1. M'agraden molt les il·lustracions, les regalen a l'oysho? Aniré a mirar :)
    La capsa de cosir és una cucada, sobretot la roba de cors.

  2. Lovely illustrations and that knitting basket is too cute!!



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