11 Dec 2011

Making things

As autumn is turning to winter, I stay more time indoors. I like to stay outdoors during the daylight hours, but when it gets dark, I only feel like staying home.
Last week I did this floral purse and this knitted bow necklace for my sister, as it was her birthday.
I thought that doing a "click purse" it was much more difficult, but it's not!! In "el Costurero Magazine" there's a good tutorial.
On the other hand... I can't stop crocheting mittens, it's a big addiction! So I'll have Xmas presents for everybody, boys&girls!
I think that it's quite difficult to find a good present for boys/men, any goods ideas?
Thanks for all your sweet comments!! Have a wonderful week!


  1. Te quedó genial el collar del lazo! Seguro que a tu hermana le encantó :)

  2. I love the little purse, it's beautiful!

  3. Gràcies a les teves indicacions me n'he fet uns, jo també! Moltes mercis : ) Els he penjat al blog, i m'agradaria completar-ho amb les instruccions per al model que m'ha sortit a mi... però si tens cap problema, no ho faig, d'acord? Petons!

  4. Me encanta el color de tus mitones!!



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