22 Nov 2011

Modern Grannies - Abuelitas Modernas II

Crochet XXL

Last Sunday we had a Modern Grannies session! It's amazing how creative people are! I knitted these green mittens. Finally I finished one of my knitting projects, yeah!!
I love spending my Sunday evenings with these wonderful girls, thanks Raquel for organizing the meeting! I also met Ingrid, Natàlia, Zita, Elena, Jess, Sara, Lola, Loly...and more nice girls without a blog ;)
The photos below were taken by Raquel, who is a great photographer, although there was no light, she took great photos!


  1. que bé! Quina bona manera de passar els diumenges a la tarda...
    Tens un PREMI i un sorteig al meu blog ;)

  2. That looks like a wonderful meeting. Where was it

  3. Que divertit!!! Algún dia, no sé quan però hi aniré!

  4. it looks so cool...all girls together and crafting..I would have loved to join you )

  5. Vaya pasada! Algún día tengo que aprender a tejer, que siempre me tientas con estas cosas tan monas!

  6. que guay!! que cosas más chulas habeis hecho!

  7. That looks lovely! I'm so jealous :) Are you going to meet regularly now?



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