24 Sep 2011

Sunny Friday - Rainy Saturday


Some photos of the sunny Friday! We went to a wine tasting, we have absolutely no idea about wines, but it was fun!
This weekend Barcelona is celebrating his main festival (La Mercè), there're hundreds of concerts outdoors, but sadly today is raining.
Thanks a lot about all your lovely comments, I'm feeling much better, I'm not ill anymore! Thanks again! 


  1. It has been raining the last 5 days here! the sun has finally peeked out for saturday. This looks like such a fun time, I would love to do a wine tasting and learn something more about wines.

  2. Pero hoy ha vuelto a salir el sol!!parece que no va acabar el verano nunca! ;) espero que hayas disfrutado de la Merce!

  3. those wine holders are genius! and i LOVE your sandals!!

  4. Oh, I love your sandals! Such wonderful warm color they have!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment, so I could find you :)

  6. Great photos! Love those sandals :)



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