30 Jul 2011

Anthropologie Love

Last week we visited an Anthropologie Store in London, we were in love with everything! Sadly we can't afford to spend so much money with every single cute item! But we decided to do some DIY soon... as we were watching at the lamps or tables...we were thinking, we can do it at home! Let's see if we restore something!! You can see more here or here.

I'm back home, my boyfriend is still in London for some weeks! We will have a little more holidays together when he comes back!


  1. My absolute favorite store! And I agree, it can be pricey, but the sales section is always brimming, and it gives you SO many DIY ideas! And what's more fun than crafting!? LOVE your photos too!

  2. Londres es la ciudad de las compras por excelencia... dudo que actualmente NY le haga sombra.

    Esta tienda es una preciosidad!!

    un beso

  3. Oh I wish Anthropologie was in Australia! Looks incredible!

  4. i adore anthropologies stores. such beautiful displays

  5. I love that table in the second picture, wowie!

  6. I love everything from there! They have good sale tables at certain times of the year.

  7. Ooooo!!! però quina tenda més xula!
    Al setembre aniré uns dies a londres, m'apunto aquesta tenda a la llista de coses per visitar.



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