29 Mar 2011

Picking flowers for future cameos

My home town 
This weekend I've been to my parents house, my mum and I we went to pick flowers to the mountain (it's only 5 minutes walking from their home). It was so beautiful! Right now there're so many colours!
I'm thinking of starting to sell the cameos online, not now, but maybe in a future... what do you think? Anyone has shop on Etsy? Do you recommend it? Thanks again for you comments!! 

In school we used to eat a part of this blue flower! Crazy children! 


  1. Jo no tinc botiga a etsy, però si que hi compro sovint. Els camafeos que fas son molt bonics, segur q tenen molt bona sortida si els poses a la venda!

  2. Quñe bonitas las flores!! Preciosass:) Seguro que pasaste un finde estupendo. Qué guay!!
    Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario!!:D Que vaaa! El collar no pesa nada, es suuper ligero! Por eso me encanta aún más jaja. Super cómodo de llevar.
    Qué haríamos sin IKEA..y sin los pintalabios rojos!..jajajaja
    Un besoteee!

  3. Pretty flowers. I can't wait to see the necklaces they turn into.

  4. Beautiful flowers! I have a shop at Etsy -


    You can ask me any questions you like :)

  5. Beautiful flowers, the colors are gorgeous and love that pic of your hometown. I don't have an Etsy shop, but your cameos look like just the thing for Etsy. I'm always amazed at the things I see on Etsy.

  6. those flowers are so colorful and lively!

  7. Hello sugar,
    I find your blog to be a bit sweet and rather special.
    Well, thanks for letting me have a sneaky peak,
    happy blogging, and have fun being wonderful x x

  8. those are pretty beautiful flowers you picked up!:)

  9. you should go for it!
    loving these vibrant colors :)

    eclectic du jour

  10. These are so beautiful! And yes, do it...open a shop!



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